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The end is the beginning

Construction of the website you are now wieving is finally over! There is a polish saying: shoemaker walks in leaky shoes. Well, this one did for a long time. I started this project in 2011, but customers come first and my own website had to wait. Until today. How do you like it?

Karol Leszek


Karol T. Leszek

+48 609 478 531


There is a graphic designer, programmer and their boss. Everyone drinks one cup of coffe a day. 
Everyday only one cup of coffe is consumed. How can this be?
Graphic designer, programmer and their boss are the same person. It's me.

O mnie

About me

My name is Karol T. Leszek, I make websites. This adventure started in 2006 and is still fun. Now I have extensive experience supported by many completed projects.

O Tobie

About you

What you get? Professional implementation, easier contact, minimizing costs and more efficient workflow. And above all, your satisfaction with the final effect.

O nich

About them

What your website users get? The final product must meet certain standards. Faultless code in hand with the sleek design will provide an interesting and enjoyable experience.



  • simple websites

    HOME, OFFER, ABOUT US, CONTACT - basic informations contained in a nice, clear website. And in a good price too. 

    I design the layout, you accept it. The website will use a content management system (Joomla, Wordpress), so you can change the phone number or add new products by yourself. Instructions included.

    Finally the website will be tested and hosted on a server of your chosing. 

    Strony www

  • complex portals

    You want your website to have a gallery? And a blog, a newsletter and a forum? And a special content available only to registered users? In five different languages? No problem!

    Let's talk about what you would like to put on the site and how to do it, so your website visitors can enjoy it.

    rozbudowane serwisy www

  • online shops

    Business is booming on the Internet, but not every store will survive. Customers are willing to shop only if the website looks trustworthy. They have to be able to easily find and purchase what they are looking for.

    I offer you an implementation of such online shop. Using proven platforms PrestaShop and VirtueMart.

    sklepy internetowe

  • kite corrections

    You've found a couple of typos on your website? You'd like to add another subpage? Or maybe you are planning a total overhaul?

    Feel free to contact me. I'll be happy to help in any of these cases.

  • online ads

    Simple pictures, GIF animations , flash animations , interactive flash animations , interactive pop-up flash animations with trumpets - I've done them all. I'll be happy to create another one, this time for you.

    sklepy internetowe

  • graphic e-mails

    Before I assemble the email, you'll see the layout that's following your guidelines. And this still can be modified.

    After coding the email will be tested, so your clients see the same thing as you do. 

    sklepy internetowe


  • logotypes

    The most important element of your brand identity can not be accidental . Requires careful thought and execution.

    After determining the details with you, I will present a few propositions that we can refine. Finally you will get the files for web and print.

    sklepy internetowe

  • flyers

    I would like to design a flyer for you that your client won't throw away immediately. Instead he will smile and takeit  home, to show his wife.

    sklepy internetowe

  • business cards

    Or maby you need a business card that will make an impression on your business partners? 

    sklepy internetowe

  • billboards

    Clean, eye catching, easy to remember, effective!
    One for you?

    sklepy internetowe



E-kartka - Golf Everyday
Mailing - Discovergolf
Mailing - Eventool
Mailing - Ideazone
Mailing - Nespresso
Mailing - PGA
Mailing - PPP
Mailing - Talent Bridge
Coverphoto - iGolf
Coverphoto - MTV
Grafika - BlackBerry
Grafika - iGolf
Grafika - Ingram
Grafika - Meble Wojcik
Grafika - MTV
Grafika - MTV Mobile
Splash - Dr Irena Eris
Aplikacja - fineLIFE
Aplikacja - MTV Mobile
Baner - ankieta
Baner - C&M
Baner - Carya
Baner - Equilibium
Baner - Eventool
Baner - FWGCC
Baner - IS Clinical
Baner - Limko
Baner - Meble Wojcik
Baner - TDP
Baner - Telepizza



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Karol T. Leszek

+48 609 478 531


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